• Perishables:
    Consolidation of food products in temperature-controlled containers is a common requirement from our grocery store customers. We monitor and ensure that all the customers’ requests are carried out so that when the customer receives his order, they receive it to their specifications.

  • Non-perishables:
    From Afro-cosmetics to mixed dry foods and sundry items, we export a variety of products as requested by customers. On certain occasions, customers request specific items that we will purchase and re-export from the South African marketplace.

  • Powdered Beverages
    The powdered beverage division manufactures beverages powder to suit a variety of needs and international tastes. The spectrum ranges from the premium sweetened drinks using sugar only, sugar and sweetener blends to the purely sweetener combinations. read further »

  • Evian
  • Ethanol
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Ethanol
  • Laminate packing material

  • These are some of the items we export and trade. Raw materials for both consumer and industrial end use have become an important part of our business. We work directly with reliable manufacturers and shippers to assure our customers get quality products on time. This task is not always a given, however we have managed to keep many of our customers’ production lines going by working hard and diligently to assure them consistent and constant supply. This is especially important given the economic boom in several industry sectors, which has created shortages in supply and space in vessels.
    Technology and communications is one of our passions. We have been involved in supplying customers with an assortment of communications and IT products over the years.

    From comprehensive communication systems by Alcatel, Alcom/Motorola and Bosch to solar panels and HF batteries by other leading suppliers, our focus is on quality and reliability.

    Many of our projects involve training of our customers’ technical staff either in their home country or in South Africa. This maximizes the benefit of their newly acquired technology and systems.